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May 24, 2017

Last Day of School!

The last day of school is tomorrow, Thursday, May 25, 2017! This will also be an early release day and students will be released at 11:50am! Please be sure to notify your daycare facilities.

Have a great summer!

Lost And Found!

Please be sure to check our lost and found. Any items remaining after the last day of school (May 25, 2017) will be donated or trashed.

Papa John's!

Today Revolution Foods will be serving Papa John’s pizza in our school cafeteria. Students can get a slice of Papa john’s for their lunch with their choice of milk and a fruit and/or a vegetable. We will be serving this every Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you in the cafeteria for lunch!
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Tardy Drop Offs/Absences

If your student arrives after 7:45am they are tardy and they must be physically signed in to our front office by a parent or guardian. Please do not just drop off your tardy student.

*This is just a reminder that 10 tardies are equivalent to 1 absence!

Dr excuse/parent notes will only be accepted up to 3 days after the student's actual absence!

After 10 unexcused absences, you can be sent to truancy court.

Classroom Headphones

We are now selling earpods for our students! You can purchase these by check or credit card from the front office for $7! These will be used in class on our chromebooks.

PTO Corner

We just want to fill you in on some things our wonderful PTO is doing:

We want to thank our PTO for everything they do!

Harmony Fleece Jackets

Harmony School of Innovation-Carrollton is now selling fleece jackets. The jackets will be navy blue and will have our Harmony logo embroidered on the left chest. These jackets will run $35. We have sample jackets in the front office where students will be able to try them on for sizing purposes. Ordering will be done online at: Deliveries will be made to the campus once a week on Tuesdays. Get your jackets now!

Student Lunch Drop Off

If you are dropping off a lunch for your student, it must be dropped off at least 20 minutes in advance of that grade's lunch time! If your student's lunch is not dropped off at least 20 minutes before their scheduled lunch, we cannot guarantee that the lunch will be received and they may be forced to eat a school lunch! Lunch times are below:

  • Kinder - 10:40-11:10
  • 1st Grade - 11:10-11:40
  • 2nd Grade - 11:40-12:10
  • 3rd Grade - 12:10-12:40
  • 4th Grade - 12:40-1:10
  • 5th Grade - 1:10-1:40

Lunch Balances

Please be sure to sign into your student's database account or visit our front office to make lunch payments.

If your student has a balance over $20 they will be served an alternative meal. This may consist of a sun-butter sandwich, fruit and vegetable. This will be in affect until the balance is paid down under $20.

If you have not submitted a new lunch application for this school year please do so as soon as possible!

If there are any questions about these fees please see our front office.

Traffic Plan

Please be sure you are dropping your students off in our approved traffic plan. Our student drop off is located in front of the building, inside the cones. You may park in a parking spot if you would like to walk your child up.

No Balls for Recess!

Please do not allow your student(s) to bring any balls or other equipment to be used during recess. We have purchased materials specific to recess. Any items brought to school will be confiscated until retrieved by a parent.

No Apple/Android Watches

Apple/Android Watches are not allowed as these fall under the electronic device guidelines. Please be sure that your children leave these items at home. They will be confiscated and only a parent will be able to retrieve these items for a fee.

Lunch Visits

Parents are only allowed to come eat lunch with their students on Fridays.

Dress Code

Parents please remember that according to our student handbook, hoodies (or any jacket with a hood) are NOT ALLOWED! Students are also not allowed to wear boots to school! Dress code violations will result in your student being sent home.

Sick Children!

Please be mindful of any ill children. If your child has anything contagious we ask that you keep them home so as to not spread any illness throughout the school!

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