Summer in Michigan

By Aly Lichter

Physical Science In Michigan

In Michigan I did Physical science. In the photos below I went swimming with my sisters and my mom. And we played underwater. It was fun to swim with my sisters. And we all decided to swim all day.

What did I do in Michigan

In Michigan I went to a town called Grand Haven for a wedding. My favorite part was the wedding ceremony. My dads friend asked him if he could be a minister for his wedding. On August 14, 2015 the day came. When we got to the place where the wedding was going to be held my dad got ready. The reception was on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful reception. And I was so proud of my dad. After that we went to a party for the newly weds. And were at the party till midnight.

A couple things about me

I love dolphins and hope to become a cetelologist one day. That huge word means a person that studies dolphins and whales. When I take test I sometimes do well. But thats only if I study really hard. Science was my worst grade last year. But my favorite class. I love playing volleyball, soccer, and baking. I love going to see movies. And hanging out with my friends at the mall.