Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

Located in Badlands National Park

By Sarah Tu

What It Is

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial or Mt. Rushmore for short was dedicated to the American presidents who made America the country it is today. Carved on the side of the Black Hills, are the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.


Construction of Mt. Rushmore started on October 4th, 1927 and the idea came from architects Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum. Mt. Rushmore was finally completed on October 31, 1941.

Creators of Mt. Rushmore

Climate at Mt. Rushmore

In the summer, there are often warm days and cool nights but August and July are typically very hot. In the winter, there are moderate temperatures and sometimes below zero temperatures.

Activities and Events

At Badlands national you can go to the Information Center, Mount Rushmore Audio Tour, Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center & Museum, the Presidential Trail, Youth Exploration Area, Sculptor’s Studio, the Amphitheater, a parking garage with R.V. parking, pet exercise areas, Presidential Trail, the Carvers Café, Memorial Ice Cream Shop, Gift Shop and the Mount Rushmore Bookstores.


  • Originally, Mt. Rushmore's heads were supposed be from the head to the waist but there wasn't enough funding.
  • At first, Thomas Jefferson was supposed be right next to George Washington but after 18 months people dynamited the head off her put his on the opposite side.
  • Mt. Rushmore was supposed to be built on the Needles, granite pillars, but people thought the granite was too unstable and thin and eroded to build Mt. Rushmore on.

Association with Native Americans

Mt. Rushmore was built on the Black Hills which are sacred to the Sioux indians.
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