LaCocoDots June 2014 KUDOS!

Celebrating YOUR Accomplishments!

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing and things are heating up with the LaCocoDots!! We had so much to offer in June and our customers LOVED it all- especially earning Dot Dollars which is going to set your July on fire!! June was also a great month to welcome some fabulous new stylists to our team- there has never been a better time to become a stylist, so WELCOME!!!! Congratulations to everyone who met their goals in June, this quarter and for Summer Splash!! We have so many inspiring stories- big and small-- and this is a team of very strong and determined stylists!!! KUDOS!!!

Top 10 Sales

1. Lindsey Hermida, Smyrna GA- $5,331.30

2. Alissa Turnbull, Smyrna GA-$3,303.50

3. Paige Murphy, Dallas TX- $2,605.59

4. Katy Barnes, Atlanta GA- $2,320.26

5. Sandi Testut, Gainesville VA- $2,002.37

6. Caroline Kirkman, Salt Lake City- US$1,972.70

7. Kim Naccarato, Woodstock GA-$1,939.36

8. Susan Carruth, Morganton GA- $1,922.95

9. Lisa Lozelle, Gainesville GA- $1,794.85

10. Kendall Duggan, Rome GA- $1,749.40

Team Promotions!

Michele Karetas promotes to lead stylist!! Congrats Michele!!

Welcome New Stylists Who Joined in June!!

Congrats Summer Splash Earners!!!

Level 1 Earners

Sarah Kendrick

Whitney Davidiuk

Ashley Bardash

Natalie Poulos

Katelyn Elliott

Kendall Duggan

Mallory Brady

Level 2 Earners

Katy Barnes

Aimee McDonald

Alissa Turnbull

Carolyn Barnes

Julie Foster

Molly Hill

Amanda Shaw

Lindsey Hermida

Susan Carruth

Rebecca DiMartino

Laura Franco

Congrats to Alissa Turnbull for having the highest number of points earned for our team during this challenge!!!