Peter the Great

Emperor of Russia


Curious- he spent hours in the German Quarter

- wanted to know about all the new technology that helped the monarchs.

Controlling- used terror to scared his people into doing what he wanted

- enforced everyone to westernize.


-He went out to learned the western ways

-Learned about their technology and culture.

-Everyone had to westernize there lives.

-used terror to enforce his absolute power.



-wanted to strengthen the military

-centralize royal power

-made landowning nobles shave their beards

-switched out old fashioned robes with western-style clothes

-was very controlling

-loved to have power


-expand Russian borders

-He created the largest standing army in Europe

-Built a world-class navy from scratch

-Set out to extend Russian borders to the west and south.

-He brought all Russian institutions under his control

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