Ecomomic Goals

By Sam Kop

How does the achievement of one of the economic goal impact other economic goals?

If one of the economic goals is completed it will affect all of the other economic goals differently. This shows how economy keeps changing as more goals are accomplished and they will keep affecting our countries.

Developed countries

Norway- developed country

Efficiency - there is a good population to employment ratio of 62.6% that shows there efficiency.

Freedom - out of every 100 people 116 people have cell phones.

Security - out of every 100,000 people 72 people are in prison.

Equity - 93.6% of the population use the internet everyday.

Growth - Norway has exports and imports that have a gross domestic production percent of 67%.

Less developed countries

Congo - less developed

Efficiency - the employment to population ratio is at 62.2%

Freedom - out of every 100 people 53.5 have cell phones.

Growth and innovation - The Congo has an export and import Rate of 74.7% which shows the countries growth in exports and imports.

Security - out of every 100,000 people in the Congo 33 are in prison.

Equity - the gross national income of the Congo is $680.5

Growth - 67.7 % of the Congo's land is forest area and it shows how the Congo has room to Grow.