mLearning Options for Classes

Apps for Students & Teachers to Improve Learning Outcomes

For students

The Journal Jar is a great option for any student, and especially ELLs to help them with writing skills, to prompt them with sentence starters; it has iPhone and web access. I'm also a huge fan of Animoto as I used it to make a promotional ad for my company, and I found it relatively easy to use and has good accessibility on mobile devices. Students could use it to add visual content to an in class presentation, or they could even learn to use it for advertising something they are doing at school that they want other students and/or parents to attend. In addition, I liked the Sock Puppet app, available for iPhone and Android devices (despite only mentioning i-devices in the link). I feel it would be a way students could make a presentation if they are shy and/or feel confident in their English language skills. Students can also collaborate with this app, meaning it is useful for those that are able to work more effectively in groups than alone.

For teachers

Socrative sounds like a great program for allowing students alternative methods of completing assignments or homework, and it allows the teacher to incorporate UDL principles in his or her classroom. It also seems like it would be a user-friendly tool for the teacher, not just from the student's perspective. And for students to access lesson content from in-class, if a teacher were to use Screencast-o-matic, it would allow students to review content at a later time or catch up if they happened to miss that class for some reason.