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Why to Go for Hong Kong company incorporation

Even though challenging for any other country but when it comes to Hong Kong, company incorporation is really effortless an endeavor. Definitely, potential entrepreneur does not have to undergo any sort of complexity or intricacy when it comes to Hong Kong company incorporation. Hong Kong exhibits remarkable understanding and empathy to all of its foreign as well as local entrepreneurs which is really brilliant, now this is not a magic or a philanthropic stunt but it is their commercial endeavor to expand their business scope for maintaining balance and to strengthen the economical backbone of the nation. Hong Kong has made its business policies less rigorous but that does not mean they have not accommodated safety measures in their policies. If you are looking for ways to expand your business and have access in China then Hong Kong is the best place to spread your kingdom. If you are not aware of the factors and prerequisite involved in Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong , then JV Consultants Limited is the best place to gain all the necessary information. Not only trademark registration but all the information with respect to Tax and Annual return one may get to know from them.

Now when you are making steps towards Hong Kong company incorporation you need to be careful about few things like registering the trademark. Registering trademark is one significant step with which you can establish your unique, independent identity. Now you just cannot select any emblem as your trademark, you need to make your selection among those signs and symbols which bear the essence of the company or relevant to the product or service. When you want to set up Hong Kong limited company you need to ensure one director and one shareholder at least also one secretary. However no member needs to be Hong Kong resident but the secretary is required to be the HK resident. Here JV Consultants Limited will appear to be your savior, as they will be providing you all the secretarial services without making dent in your pocket. In order to setup a Hong Kong limited liability company you need to submit varying documents and papers and among all, the document as supplied by the professional services agency, which is directly involved with the incorporation, should be kept in mind.

The Hong Kong company incorporation form which encompasses details like company name, brief description with respect to business activities, particulars of shareholders, directors and company secretary, Registered address, Share capital registered on incorporation, Liability of members, Number of shares taken up by subscribers. You need to enter all the details duly and you can never fake about anything. Those who are non-resident directors and shareholders need to submit copy of their passport, bank reference letter and overseas residential address proof. Those HK resident shareholders and directors need to submit copy of Hong Kong identity card and residential address proof. When it comes to corporate shareholders and directors, they need a copy of parent company registration documents to be submitted.

Start A New Business Prospect With Expert Consultancy

Hong Kong is a favorite destination for prospective entrepreneurs. Now there are two approaches are follow in Hong Kong Limited Company Formation. You can either establish a completely new setup or purchase a readymade company by browsing Limited Company Formation. If you are not desirous to buy a named shelf company then you can denote your chosen name, however one has to undergo the prolonged registration process. When you are ready to opt for ready-made company, you need to select your company name from the list of Ready Made Companies. Here time will be consumed less. In Hong Kong you will find convenient banking facilities and there is no control on foreign exchange. There is no constraint on business scope. Commercial infrastructure is world class and you will find human resource in plenty. You do not need any VAT nor you need any capital gain tax, you do not need to pay any holding tax. If you are literally hunting for an authentic Ready Made HK Companies List JV consultants Limited will definitely help you out. They are one of the leading consulting agencies, which has been rendering useful service since years with guaranteed satisfaction.

So in a nutshell, what exactly you need for HK Company Formation, you need minimum one shareholder and a director. The same person cannot play the dual role at a time, you do not need to reside at Hong Kong nor you need to rent an office. You do not need to employ any staff and if you are searching for official secretary services JV consultants Limited will be playing the role of legal Hong Kong Company Secretary, handling all sorts of official and financial works with adequate efficiency. You will be enjoying liberty in opening bank account anywhere, at any place in this world. There is no restriction that you have to open your account in Hong Kong and under the supervision of JV consultants Limited, you can easily open your company incorporation, within 7 days your company will be fully functional and you can start your commercial ventures without any worry. Well there is more news for you, within 2 working days, you can transfer your shelf limited company .

So it can be well comprehensible that starting business in Hong Kong is really helpful than doing the same in any other company. But you need a guiding professional to determine your ways profitably, to compile your documents cohesively and submit the same to Company Registry. There are varying company alternatives that you need to know so that you can finalize one option and proceed further. Among the options there are Limited Company Formation, representative office, branch office in Hong Kong, Sole proprietorship and partnership Offshore limited company. You need to understand all the specifications and features so that effectively you can move on and stay uninterrupted in your business enterprise, JV consultants Limited offers plenty of services Company Secretarial Service, Bank Account Opening Service, Accounting Service, Tax Service and Audit Service.

Thrive with Success: Hong Kong company incorporation Is The Best

Among all other places, Hong Kong is one such place where you can start your business with least hassle and harassment. All you need to carefully Register a trade mark and half of your job is done. Now if you are wondering what does it take to register a trademark effortlessly, you better talk to an expert consultant agency like JV Consultants Limited and you will be getting all sort of support when it is about Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong. You need to be flawless in submitting documents you cannot just put forward an incomplete file or cannot even bargain over the pre-determined fees.

Now if you are wondering why so much pressure is exerted upon Trademark Registration it is due to the fact that when you are having registered trademark you enjoy the exclusive right to make use of trademark with respect to the goods and services of your company. If someone else thinks of using it and by any chance uses it without your permission, he will be held criminal and would be liable for violation of your mark. You will be at liberty to take any action against him for the infringement of law. With the common law, action of passing off unregistered trademarks can be protected. Here you have to play a critical role of proving the reputation in the unregistered mark and you have to show that the other persons’ use of the mark is sufficiently damaging your status, however passing off is generally a more complicated action compare to an infringement of a registered trademark.

For you Hong Kong company incorporation you first have to complete the application form and provide a stable address in Hong Kong with respect to rendering service. Next you are needed to submit everything to Trade Marks Registry of Hong Kong government. JV Consultants Limited will be offering you support and you will be able to process you trademark request as seamlessly as possible. With this agency you will be able to conduct Registry Search Online and thus you will come to know which companies are registered which are not and if your entered name is coming out unregistered, then you can go ahead with the name without giving it any second consideration.

You will come across number of consulting agencies around highly boastful about their works and services but the number of authentic agencies is not much as it is not possible to maintain huge database thus updating it frequently. JV Consultants Limited makes sure, that your Company Registry Search comes out flawless and so they keep on updating their existing database, so whenever someone enquires of the company, results come out with zero error. With this agency, you will be able to know all the regulations about trademark registration also be able to process the same without facing any slightest glitch. Trademark is not all about picking a representing emblem and forwarding it, its about picking an exact representing symbol which rightfully projects the commercial intention, quality of goods, service and anything relevant to your item.

Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong : with Right Professional Everything Turns Easy

Initiating a limited company is not an easy task; the whole endeavor gets on nerve sometimes when you have to deal with different issues, all on your own. There are several laws and regulations that one needs to follow and when one or two are overruled, for the owner, it becomes challenging to operate anymore. However, Hong Kong is one such place where you can start your venture almost without a glitch, as here rules are not that severe and availability of resources is plenty. When you are involved into Hong Kong company incorporation, it is not possible for you to pursue everything individually like keeping record of all updates concerning laws and policies and complying with all regulations. So what you need, you need an expert to support you and in such scenario who can beat the increasing reputation of JV Consultants Limited. This agency will help you in conducting Company Registry Search, interpreting new policy and requirements, also to maintain accounting and tax hassles.

One of the main problems that often budding setups face during its initial stage is completing their Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong. Although it is not an intricate, time gnawing procedure but if you have, made slightest mistake while submitting papers or while choosing the trademark then definitely the procedure will become one complex course of action for you to complete. Trade Marks Ordinance is what responsible for protecting trademark in Hong Kong, this ordinance comes under the common law doctrine. When you Register a trade mark, you need to keep in mind few fundamental policies and prerequisite. Trademarks are needed to be distinctive and unique; you cannot copy someone else’s mark. Copying trademark may put you in severe trouble even putting you behind bars. Now you cannot go for any mark or symbol. You need to choose something, which bears likeness to the product or service in terms of quality, kind, value, purpose, demographic origin, time, generic value, service quality or any other relevant characteristic. You may go for direct Registry Search Online and choose a name for your company.

While choosing the mark you cannot just go for anything like the symbol or icon should not be too small or too large. The shape should render substantial value to the items. You should stay away from indistinctive marks where features do not clearly bear the significance of the items or services. Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong is not overly complex a process but clarity and transparency is maintained. Now if you have chosen a trademark, which had been in utilization long back, could be registrable under special consideration. Usually it takes few months to have your Trademark Registration process completed. This is because there will be different checking and verification done.

Now JV Consultants Limited will rightfully be informing you how you can effectively complete the procedure of Trademark Registration, with their Company Registry Search you can conduct full investigation about the names you have been thinking to give to your company. This agency is having incredible database so there is no slightest possibility, that your chosen name will go unnoticed when you are carrying out the registry search.