The Oakland United Methodist Church gave the preschoolers a new book at home visit time, The Kissing Hand. They also gave each teacher at the elementary some funds to either purchase books for their classroom library or to provide each student a book. I picked another book for my preschoolers, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. If you want to send a thank you, you can either send it to school and I will deliver it or you can mail it to:

Oakland United Methodist Church

Missions Committee

200 N Main St.

Oakland, Iowa 51560

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Practice makes perfect

We got a chance to practice what we would do in case of a fire. You can talk to your child about this too.

We practiced how to hold a crayon and worked in our handwriting books.

We practiced putting things back where we got them (by using the pictures) when we were done using them.

We talked about how to hold scissors to cut, how we hold them when we walk, and what things we can and cannot cut. Please sit down and keep practicing this with them at home.


Have you ever felt *sad*worried*happy*angry*excited???

This week we have really been focusing of emotions. We talked about feelings in our small groups and in large group. We read these books:

*Wemberly Worried

*On Monday When it Rained

*Llama, Llama Mad at Mama

*If You're Happy and You Know It

*Hands Are Not For Hitting

We talked about what we can do when we feel angry:

*walk away

*tell a teacher

*tell a friend

*go find another thing to do

*take deep breaths

*go to a calm down place

We looked through magazines to find pictures of faces. We cut them out and identified the emotion.

We started writing in our Feeling Journals. Our journal starter was "I Feel Happy When..." The students drew pictures then told teachers what their picture was about.

Songs and Dancing

*The Bear Hunt

*The Wheels on the Bus

*Where is Thumbkin

*If You're Happy and You Know It

*Color Song


We have been also been doing some of the songs on


Homecoming: Victory is Sweet!
September 28 - October 2
Varsity Football plays the Audubon Wheelers
Dress-Up Days:
Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Hawaiian
Wednesday - Patriotic
Thursday - Throwback (preschool is doing 80s - their teachers decade
Friday - Bulldog Spirit Day


You received a note (front and back) in your child's folder today with directions for the parade on Friday. Please read it so you know what to expect.


Mrs. Henderson began another assessment with the preschoolers on Friday. This assessment tool is used in the Fall and again in the Spring.

This 20-question tool for 4-year-olds is quick and easy to use. It was developed by some of the country's top reading researchers and was designed to show where a child is on the path to developing pre-reading skills – whether a child's skills are weak, strong, or somewhere in between.

If you want more information, you can go to

Project Approach

Preschool teachers in the area attend something called EARLY CHILDHOOD INSTITUTE in Avoca once a month. This is a time where teachers can collaborate, share ideas, and learn new strategies. One of the things we are focusing on this year is a method called The Project Approach. We were able to attend a two day training this summer to give us a good start and get us thinking about how we were going to implement it in the classroom. I sent home a survey this week to get some ideas from you on how you could be a part of this learning approach with your kids too. Please send it back to school as soon as you can.
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Additions to the October calendar

*ready set kNOw - October 12th and 13th @ 9:15

*Read for the Record - October 22nd 1:00

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Science Friday

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Family Photo

Don't forget to send a family picture for our classroom book.

You can email it to me, facebook message it to me, print it and sent it with your child.

Want to get involved?

Next meeting for the Riverside ES/IS Principal's Cabinet is October 8th at 5:30 at the elementary school. Please come and get involved if you are interested.