Department of PE, Health and Dance

Glen Burnie High School

November 2015

Refining Skills for Success - Flex Period

Flex period - how are you flexing your students capacity to refine physical skills? As we continue to use flex period at GBHS, how has this time become essential to supporting students in refining skills that are vital to demonstrating mastery in the current unit of study? Each 30 minute period should be focused on student progress and PRACTICE with a specific skill. Students should be experiencing differentiated instructional practices in which they are working on improving specific skills. A time when no new content should be taught, this time period is vital to improving students ability and confidence with specific content. We know that physical skills do not simply develop over night, this flex period time, is a great opportunity to work with students to refine, practice, and use a skill in real-world scenarios.

Monthly Focus

Want Smarter, Healthier Kids? Try Physical Education! | Paul Zientarski | TEDxBend
The data are clear – healthy students are better learners. Over the years, a number of scientists have shown a correlation between high standardized test scores and physical fitness scores (CA Dept. of Education study), and that more time spent in physical education class did not result in a decrease in academic performance (SPARK study in Research Quarterly - 1999).


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