Book Reveiw- By: Ally Condie


Cassia now is staying at a camp. A lot of the girls that are there are aberrations. Cassia is still a citizen, but she was sent to this camp due to what she did in "Matched." She took a few belongings with her, like her silver box and a few notes. Cassia wants to find Ky, who is in the outer provinces. One night an airplane came to pick up some girls to bring to fight in a war with the Enemy. They would go to the outer provinces. Cassia thought that this was her chance to find Ky. A girl that was going to go fight started to run away. When some people went to chase her, Cassia thought that it was the perfect time to join the group of girls going to fight. Once they caught the girl, Indie she join the girls. Indie was in Cassia cabin, so they knew each other. She was surprised to see Cassia on the plane. People were starting to come around to look at the girls bags. Indie asked Cassia if she had anything to hide. Cassia did, it was a packet of blue tablets (the tablets were supposed to help people survive) from Xander. But, the packet also had other items in it, from Xander micro-card form their match banquet. In a few hours they soon got to the place where they were to fight with the Enemy.


Ky was at a place that he was sent to. Everyone who was at the camp pretended to be farmers. When instead of farming they really dug graves for other fighters who died. One day more farmers came. But, they weren't teenagers, they were little boys! There was one little boy named Eli. Ky was with another older boy named Vick. They thought of a way to escape, but they weren't going alone Ky wanted to take Eli. They made an explosion that would distract the other boys and the Enemy so they could escape. Ky, Vick, and Eli ran as fast as they could and as far.Ky said to run to the Outer Provinces. But, before they left they heard that even more farmers were coming, this time they were girls. Though they had already left before they came. They ran as fast as they could away from the farmers. Later they had to find food to eat. It would be hard to find water because the Society poisoned it. so, it wasn't good to drink. Vick caught a fish for all of them to eat. After they ran father it was time to go to bed, Eli was to rest and Vick or Ky would keep watch. They kept on doing that for a few days. But one morning Ky woke up and Eli was there. Where was Vick? Eli said that he went catch some more fish. Ky knew this was a bad idea because of the poisoned water. When they got to Vick, it was too late. Vick had died. Ky thought of Vick for the past couple of days and how Vick had told him that he had fallen in love with an Anomaly. That's why he was at a camp for aberration, because she wasn't Vick's match. Now it was just Ky and Eli.

Outer Provinces

When the girls landed at the place where they were supposed to be farmers, Cassia first asked about Ky. One of the boys said that he ran away a few nights before. Cassia wanted to leave that night to find Ky. But, she would need help. So, the boy, Cassia, and Indie decided to try and find Ky that night. In the middle of the night they all woke up and packed their backpacks. They started to run as fast as they could, to the outer provinces. After they had been running for the whole night, the boy said that he was going to go a different way then the girls. Before he left, Cassia asked him if he wanted to take a few blue tablets. Also, that it would help him survive. He took a few, then was on his way. Cassia and Indie ran a different way, then at one of the canyons, Indie said that they should climb it to see if they are up there. Indie already knew how to climb, so she went first and helped Cassia. Once they got to the top, they were surprised at what they saw. A bunch of people were lying on the ground, dead. Then they saw a familiar face. It was the boy! At that moment Cassia and Indie knew that the Society had been here. They decided to climb back down. When they got to the bottom they continued to run. At one point they stopped for a little bit. In one of the trees, Cassia read her name. Ky had been here! So, they ran to find Ky.


Cassia and Indie ran until they saw two people in the distance. Cassia started to sprint. There was Ky and a little boy. They had found each other! After talking about what had happened to each of them, they decided to counintue to walk. Ky said that him and Eli had seen a village, and that they might be able to stay there for a little while. When they got to the village they looked around for food and information. Then they saw a light in one of the houses. They determined to take a look. There was a man with blue strips on his arm digging a hole. When he finished he placed a body of a girl in the hole. Ky said to wait to approach until he was done. Once the man had finished they walked up to him, introduced themselves, and asked about what had happened. The man said that he was Hunter and he just buried his daughter, Sarah. The rest of the people who had lived at the village, left with the village leader, Anna. Now, Hunter doesn't know where the rest of his village is. So he joined, Ky, Cassia, Eli, and Indie.

The Rising

After they have traveled for a long time, they decided to split up. Hunter and Eli went together to explore. Indie and Cassia both wanted to find a rebellion, the Rising. But, Ky just wanted to do what Cassia wanted to do. They had a boat to get across the river, but the boat could only hold two people. So, Indie and Cassia went in the boat while Ky ran. Cassia and Indie got in the boat and started to paddle. After a while, they saw a big boat. They soon got in, and someone said, "Welcome to the Rising."