Caring for your pet Chimpanzee

If you have plenty of time, fingers, and money READ THIS!!!!


The vet costs are very expensive because most people that are vets don't know how to check on primates. One bag of primate food costs $37.80. One cage could cost up to $400 dollars.


You have to feed your chimp commercial primate food for a balanced diet. It will also eat what you eat especially fruits, vegetables, and candy.
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Time Commitment

You will probably have to spend more time with it then you would your own child. Chimps need lots of exercise and need to be trained. If you try to discipline the chimp it will probably going to bite your finger off.


Plan ahead of time for when you die because the chimp could out live you. Chimpanzees live up to 50-60 years.
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Other Tips

You should probably only get a pet chimpanzee if you are rich and can handle the smell of a chimpanzee because chimps are afraid of water. Also you should put a diaper on a baby Chimpanzee.