The New and Improved Cartoon Shoes!

By Steven, Hrvoje, Alexis, and Maya

Watch TV on the Go!

Use these shoes to watch TV anywhere! What is better than having a TV in your shoe? There also is a camera that can take pictures! It saves the pictures and can display them on the TV screen!

Use a Watch to Control the Shoes!

To convienently change channels, we decided to put the remote in a watch. The watch communicates with the TV via bluetooth. The antennae that recieves the TV signal is built into the watch.

The Rechargeable Battery Lasts up to Eight Hours!

Inside each shoe is a lithium-ion battery that gives power to the TV and to the camera. The battery can be recharged using a plug built into the bottom of the shoe.

THE CARTOON SHOES COST ONLY $299.99! Go to for More Info on Buying Your Own Shoes!


If you need some shoes and you like some toons, then come on down and get the Cartoon Shoes!