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Uplift Hampton Middle School November 22, 2019

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Winter Uniform Reset-beginning Monday, December 2nd!

Hello Phoenix Families,

As we wind down from a plethora of dress down opportunities these past couple of months, ranging from Red Ribbon Week, dress down passes, and other dress down opportunities, we are now in need of resetting expectations regarding our middle school campus with uniform accountability sweeps.

Scholars who are in non-correctable uniform violations will be assigned a detention and a parent phone call. Scholars with correctable uniform violations will be issued demerits, which could accrue to an assigned detention.

Please note that with inclement weather, scholars should purchase or acquire sweaters and/or jackets that align with our acceptable outerwear dress code. Please forward all questions regarding the dress code reset to the dean for your child's grade level.


Uplift Hampton Middle School Administration Team

Professional Dress Mondays

On Mondays, ALL middle school scholars should be in professional business dress attire.

Professional Business Attire Expectations

  • White Oxford button-up shirt
  • Solid black or navy tie
  • Solid white or black undershirt (or cami)
  • Navy or black uniform pants
  • Navy or black socks w/pants
  • Solid black belt


We are fairly flexible with scholar shoe choice, so long as it is a "shoe" (not sandals, flip flops, house shoes, etc.); however, boots are NOT allowed to be worn and scholars are NOT allowed to wear shoes with black soles due to the increased costliness of cleaning floors (black scuff marks).

Professional Business Dress Variances

  • Tie may be plaid criss-cross in lieu of solid navy or black tie
  • Navy or black uniform skirt may be worn in lie of navy or black dress pants
  • White or navy knee-high socks w/skirt
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Business Casual Dress Code Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

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College Shirt with Uniform Bottom Wednesday

Hampton Spirit Shirt with Uniform Bottom Fridays

Shorts are NOT included as part of the uniform after Fall Break until after Spring Break

Approved Outerwear

Scholars are allowed to wear any jacket and/or coat TO school; however, only approved outerwear is permitted to be worn inside the building. Scholars are allowed to wear navy, black, gray, or white sweaters and cardigans. Additionally, scholars are allowed to wear solid navy, black , gray, or white jackets, sweaters and cardigans in our hallways and classrooms; however, hoodies are not allowed to be worn and any approved outerwear cannot be worn in lieu of regularly scheduled dress code expectations.

For example, scholars cannot wear a sweater or jacket in lieu of either their white Oxford or appropriate grade level polo. The collar from the white Oxford or polo should still be visible when scholars are wearing approved outerwear.

Any unapproved outerwear worn within the building premises may be confiscated by a teacher and/or administrator. Initial collection of such items may be picked up at the end of the school day; however, multiple infractions may lead to escalated consequences including, but not limited to: demerits, referrals, detentions, suspensions, and confiscation of outwear requiring parent pickup.

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Dress Down/Up Days

Throughout the year there may be opportunities to dress down/up for specific events, such as Spirit Days, Homecoming, etc. When these days occur, whether they be "free" dress down/up days or for a "donation", the following expectations are required to be met, otherwise the scholar may be sent home to change.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Scholars may wear shorts, and meet the following standards: 1) must be loose fitting, no biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts, or combination thereof. 2) must be hemmed or cuffed, and 3) length must be to the fingertips or longer of the scholar.
  • Dresses or skirts must to the fingertips or longer
  • Tank tops, tube tops, halter type blouses or mesh shirts are NOT permitted
  • Sundresses are permitted if modestly cut
  • Shirts should overlap the waistband of skirts, shorts, or pants (no visible midriff showing)
  • Items with provocative, offensive, violet, or drug related pictures or slogans will NOT be permitted
  • Items advertising alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will not be permitted
  • No hots, caps, bandannas, hoods, scarves, wallet chains, or sunglasses
  • No gang paraphernalia

All scholars are expected to meet community standards and school policies. All safety rules must be followed.

A Message From UHMS Leadership Team

This document is not necessarily an all-inclusive list and is reviewed between each school year for changes and/or modifications. If scholars or parents have any questions about a particular article of clothing, he or she should forward those questions to their grade level dean. UHMS Leadership Team has the discretion and final decision to decide what is acceptable or unacceptable in regards to grooming, hair length, and the uniform code. When scholars attend after school events (i.e. athletic events, parent teacher conferences, specialty nights, etc.), please keep in mind to wear school-appropriate attire. Campus administration reserves the right to make any changes/updates to this document.

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