Five themes of geography



 Relative and absolute location are the two types of location. Relative location is where a place is in  relation to another location. It also uses diretional words to describe the location. Absolute location uses longitude and latitude. It navigates a specific place on earth. It also uses a grid system and a global address.


Place is the physical and human characteristics of a place. Physical features include mountians,plains, and plateaus. It also includes many bodies of water such as oceans, seas,lakes,rivers, and streams. Human characteristics,people,cultures,language,religon and cities.

Human environment interaction

How people interact with their environment and how the environment is affected by them. Humans have to adapt,depend and modify thier environment.


Movement includes transportation of people,goods and ideas. Migration and immigration are also ways of movement.


Grouping areas by what places have in common. Such as political,landforms,agricultural, and cultural regions.

Alleghany County NC

Sparta NC is located between the two main corridors. Sparta is the physial center and the focous of communitiy life for Alleghany. Like many diffrent towns  the corthouse is located in the middle. There are many stores that tell stories about Alleghany's history. It has a variety of motels,inns, and bed and breakfast. The Blue Ridge Mountians can be over seen from Sparta. It was named after the Alleghany Star established in 1889 by A.S. Carson. It features include Crouse Park for intertainment. Sparta's first mayor was Floyd Crouse (1892-1969).You can get around Sparta by vehicles and bicycles. Although many trees have been cut down in Sparta for construction , many still remain in Glade Valley. To find out more about the history of Sparta visit our Chamber Of Commerce