welcome to the world of genetics!

what is genetics?

What is the study of Genetics?

genetics is the branch of biology that studies hederity.

Who discovered genetics and how did he do this?

Gregor mendal is an australian monk who discovered genetics or genes by cross breeeding two pee plants to see what would happen.

what do genetics consist of?

Dominant- is the gene or allele that overpowers.  ressive- the gene or allele that is overpowered. Heretozygus- is a gene with two different alleles(Tt).Homozygus-a gene with two of the same allele(TT,tt). Genotype- is the genetic trait that you cant see(TT,Tt,tt). phenotype- is the genetic trait that you can see(tall,short,blonde,brunette)

how do you discribe a punnett spuare?

there are two flamingos one red which is the dominnant and one is recessive blue.when the are breaqd each allele is brought to its appropriate square wich then shos the possibility on what the kids might look like . as you can see that the kids will all be red heretozygus flamingos that are carreirs for the blue color allele.

describe incomplete dominance and provide an example.

incomplete dominance is where the alleles mix cuasing it to make a new trait. such as a red flower and a white flower combine to make a pink flower. or a black cat and a white cat  combine to make a gray cat.

describe codominance and provide an example.

codminance is where both of the alleles are equally expressed. such as some cows are both black an white. or a calico cat hs both orange and brown spots.

What are multiple alleles and what are they used to detemine?

multiple alleles are more than one trait for the same gene. most of the time they are used to determine the blood type of the child. if the mother has AO and the father has AA then the child could have one of two blood types AA or AO each of these has a 50 percent chance.

describe and provide an example of sex linked traits?

the sex linked traits are shown by the alleles X and Y. females are XX and males are XY .the male controls the sex of the offspring because the mom always gives an X and the dad can give etheir an X, or a Y. color blindness is a perfect example. because if the mom has it than the son is going to have it and if the dad has it than the daughter is going to have it.

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