"What's Haps" in Humanities?

April 13 Week:What's going on in Room 304

The Giver

Here are the essential questions for our novel, The Giver:

  • What's a utopia?
  • What stands in the way of achieving one?
  • What sacrifices are made in pursuit of Utopias?

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This week we....

-started talking conflict and rivalry through the lens of Persians and Ancient Greeks

-had our first Book Club for The Giver

-created lists of reactions to the plot and setting of the novel, The Giver

-critically compared a myth with a Disney portrayal of the same myth and examined reasons for their choices and whether it mattered

-worked on turning topic sentences into sophisticated thesis statements


  • What activities they are doing for their Election vocabulary words (due___________) ?Assignment found on the TOPICS page:

  • Where they are in their reading of The Giver? Are they managing their own schedule or do they need assistance in making deadlines?
  • How do alliances shift during the Persian War?
  • Why can losing a battle can still mean winning a war?
  • How does the setting of The Giver differs from our world and what the positives and negatives of their world are?
  • What sentence starters make the best "STOP AND THINK" questions?


Students might need some reminders in charging their computers every night. We have problem solved some suggestions for how to remember (which included having parents remind them to keep it plugged in at night!). Anything you can do to help build that responsibility would be helpful as we have had some close calls in the classroom while we are stepping over charging cords!


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