Week 3

Recap of Week 2:

  • Thank you all for submitting your group Micro Scenarios! You should receive an email from me at some point today in regards to the group project. You will find comments in your collaborative documents with my feedback. Grades will be posted in the grade book this week some time.
  • Your responses to the Tacck Poster we all incredible! Great feedback! Let's talk about those in Week 3's synchronous sessions! Look at everyone's responses if you haven't already!
  • I do realize that some people did not have the chance to reply or post because the discussion board was closed, I have reopened it for those that need to complete the discussion board topic.

Updates for Week 3:

  • Please be prepared for a lot of open discussion in tomorrow's synchronous session.
  • Please become familiar with the Tackk Tool, or another tool you'd like use to create a virtual poster with. We will be creating virtual posters during Week 3.
  • We will be tweeting again in Week 3!
  • Keep moving with your Micro Scenario. Start by using the Script chart.
  • We will discuss the importance of Story Telling in scenario based learning. Please be prepared to discuss the articles you've read and the video you watch.