Red Cedar

Tree facts

  • Growth rate- 12-24' per year
  • Climate it grows best in- U.S. from Canada to Florida and Texas
  • Life span- 500 years old
  • Describe the leaves- really pointy, sometimes berries
  • Produces fruit
  • Reproduction method- layering of low lying branches

More Facts

  • What organisms are dependent on the tree- owls
  • Limiting factors preventing the tree from growing, reproducing, surviving (abiotic, biotic)- competition of soil
  • What parasites affect it (if any)- many fungi
  • What abiotic factors does it need for survival (explain)- it needs the sun to survive because the sun gives it energy for photosynthesis
  • Short and long term effects the tree will have on TMS environment (relate to people)- it will give people more oxygen and it will show TMS is green