Regular Attendance: On The Rise!

Thank you for your hard work this year!

Save the Date: Sept. 17 Regional Kickoff Event

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Our Seven Participating Districts Collectively Raised Regular Attendance by 3%

Highlights of the Year for the SOESD Attendance Team:

  • Development of a regional Chronically Absent Prediction Tool (CAPT)
  • Three Regional Round Table gatherings: our network shared best practices with job-alike peers and heard from leaders across the region and state who are successfully leading positive change in regular attendance gains
  • Positive Discipline training for district teams by Jody McVittie from Sound Discipline
  • Highly Effective Data Team training from Scott Perry
  • Empathy interview and progress monitoring training from Chalkboard
  • Quarterly district attendance team meetings with SOESD Attendance Team
  • Initiated Southern Oregon Regular Attendance Marketing Campaign

All of Our Participating Districts Individually Raised Regular Attendance: Experiencing 1% - 9.5% Gains!

Successful change ideas implemented by our participating districts:

  • Forming a district-wide attendance team and meeting regularly
  • Sending positive messages and letters using asset-based language to families and students
  • Implementing empathy interviews to discover root causes of chronic absenteeism
  • Holding informational family nights with dinner and discussions of needs included
  • Check-in/Check-out system for chronically absent students with an adult they trust, using a time card system with a punch clock (the kids thought it was fun!)
  • Developing a district-wide attendance handbook/attendance plan
  • Developing positive scripts for phone calls to parents/families to be used throughout the district
  • Holding listening sessions with families to discover root causes of chronic absenteeism
  • Developing school-wide acknowledgment programs for improved and regular attendance
  • Conferencing with chronically absent students
  • Conducting home visits and leaving a "door hanger" on the door handle with available resources if no one answered
  • Developing PBIS lesson plans to use next year to teach about the importance of regular attendance
  • Holding weekend retreats to educate staff and "appreciate" the problem of chronic absenteeism in order to identify positive next steps to increase regular attendance
  • Greeting students at the entrance to the school with music and conversation
  • Student Information System training provided to attendance staff
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