Periwinkle Puppies

Week of January 19-22 & 25-29


Last week we wrapped up our Winter theme. We finished making our "Winter Trees" scene (used a small comb to spread black paint on paper to look like bark) and made a snowflake plate. We read The Mitten and got to dot paint our own mitten with our favorite colors. We also read Polar Bear Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? about a hundred times...that one never gets old!! We used our snowflake puppets to "make it snow" in the classroom and talked about dressing warm for cold weather. They're probably wondering why there is no snow in Houston, haha!

This week was Transportation all time favorite!! We used a ramp to roll down our toy cars and trains and talked about fast and slow. For art we made a car, an airplane and a school bus. We read Trucks and Cars, Things That Go and The Wheels on the Bus. Pretty sure we got them all even more obsessed with transportation!!

Reminders and Dates:

February 10th-start Family Chapel. Please have your child dropped off by 8:40!!

**Please make sure your child has extra clothes in his/her backpack EVERYDAY**