Bits n' Bytes

Random Technology Notes for CTHS Staff

Google Password Changes Effective 10/15

As of Monday, October 15 your Google Education login information will be tied to your computer login similar to COLE and Outlook. That said, it will not occur automatically but with the NEXT time you are asked to change your password from the district. If however you would like them tied together sooner, then simply click control, alt, delete and change your password on Monday.

Be fearless in your learning.

iPads Come to CT

There is a group of teachers who applied last year and were accepted into Wired Cougars for the 2012-13 school year. These teachers have agreed to participate in staff development and are currently piloting the iPad in their classrooms. Feel free to stop by and see how they are doing. Teachers include: Shannon Cobb, Peter Hornbein, Lou Baldelli, Molly Robbins, Tina Barber, Michelle Allen, Mark Miyashita, Rochelle Garcia, Tina Barber, Curt Citte, Glen Matthews, Andrew People, Shannon Strandberg and Nanci Meza. Missy Schwartz is also a Wired Cougar but is working with the Classroom Performance System.

iPad User Group Starting Up

Meets on Monday, Oct 15th. Open to anyone. Bring your own ipad. :)