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Gaudet Giving Back!

Our Islanders Committed Youth Committee at Gaudet coordinated a Holiday Food Drive for grades 6-8. They collected 2,255 items of food to help create a Gaudet Food Pantry, to fill holiday baskets for Middletown families, and to donate to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Food Pantry. Homerooms competed to see who could donate the most food items. Mr. Davis and Ms. Sims homerooms both donated over 600 items of food. Seen in photo below: Gaudet Principal, William Niemeyer with Islanders Committed students.
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Kids. We think they don't hear us, but they do. Take time this holiday season to remind your kids of the consequences of underage drinking.

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Middletown's Social Host Ordinance: It’s all about the property the crime is committed on.

What is the Social Host Ordinance?

The primary purpose of the Middletown Social Host Ordinance is to deter underage drinking parties or gatherings where adults knowingly allow minors to drink alcohol, whether or not they provide it.

Some parents think allowing youth to drink at home is "safer," but hosting a holiday party with underage drinking is NOT "safer." It's Illegal.

It's important to know, the person in control of the property does not have to be present, does not have to be aware of the drinking, nor do they have to be an adult to break the ordinance.

For more information on Middletown's Social Host Ordinance visit Middletown Social Host Ordinance 130.01.

Protect yourself and your family this holiday season. Know the REAL risks and Think Before They Drink!

~Social Host brochure: Newport County Prevention Coalition, in partnership with Middletown, Portsmouth, Newport Prevention Coalition

Wellness Workshop Series to Begin at Gaudet Middle School

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More Gaudet Wellness Workshops to come!

Middletown Prevention Coalition will be hosting a series of wellness workshops for students in at Gaudet Middle school in grades 6-8 until the end of the school year. Workshop topics will focus on mental health, nutrition, cooking, building healthy relationships, substance use prevention, and much more. Contact Lisa Bradley at lbradley@middletownri.com for more information or to sign up your Gaudet student.
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Middletown Parents…

Are you wanting your child to grow up in a safe, healthy and drug free community where they can thrive? The Middletown Prevention Coalition is looking for parents who are interested to help us work toward that goal. For more information contact: Lori Verderosa, Middletown Prevention Coalition Director, mpc@middletownri.com

MPC Calendar of Events

December 1 - World Aids Day

December 16 - Wellness Workshop at Gaudet - Managing Stress and Anxiety (See above for details)

December 17 - Islanders Committed Holiday Movie Night for Gaudet Middle School 5:30-7:30pm

December 21 - Middletown Prevention Coalition Meeting 6-7:30 pm - Open to the public

December 23-31 School Holiday Recess - Happy Holidays!

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MPC News and Updates

Parenting is tough. We've got your back!

The Middletown Prevention Coalition understands how difficult parenting can be these days especially in the areas of mental health, alcohol, and other drugs. It's not easy raising healthy teens and we want to help. Thank you to our Middletown focus group parents for the valuable feedback that led to the creation of this monthly newsletter. We hope you find it a helpful resource to help guide you on this journey.

About Middletown Prevention Coalition

The MPC works to create a safe, healthy & drug free Middletown where our kids can thrive.