Biofuels are so Corny

By: Mackenzie and Ashlyn

What is a biofuel?

Biofuels are made from living materials. Trees, crops, garbage, and manure are some common biofuels. Burning biofuels is a way to release energy. Also you can use it to fuel your car and heat your home. Wood used to be one of the biggest in the biofuel industry but now that we have discovered more it is now only a small fraction in the US but in other countries it remains popular.

how do biofules work?

In the waste -to - energy industry's the biofuels are burned to make steam that turn turbines to make energy. However these industry's cost more than industry's that burn fossil fuels. When living things die they produce methane, what is methane you ask? It is a colorless and odorless gas. Sometimes we drill in land fills to tap into the methane. On farms, manure is put into a machine called a digester (poor farmers, that job must stink!), then those machines separate out the methane. After that you can use it to heat your home or use it for other types of electricity.

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BIOFUELS = coolest thing EVER!


Texas has more biodiesel room than any other state in the USA. In many cities corn fuel is mixed with gasoline, this makes cleaner fuel for cars. Biofuels can pollute the air but not as much as fossil fuels. Biofuels are a renewable resource.