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December 2019

Rereading Books is Benefical for All!

Does your child have a favorite book they want to read over and over again? Repetitive reading offers a surprising number of benefits for readers. This month's newsletter offers reasons why this is an important reading strategy for fluency and comprehension.
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5 Reasons Why Rereading Books is an Important Strategy

Increased Vocabulary and Word Recognition

The more a child reads, the larger and larger their vocabulary becomes. When a child reads or hears the same book multiple times, they become familiar and comfortable with a greater number of words.

Pattern and Rhythm

Language is more than just words - it's how words sound and connect to each other. Rereading books strengthens an understanding of pattern, rhythm and pronunciation of the text.


Fluency is the ability to read text accurately, quickly, and with expression. Repetitive reading allows a child to read without stumbling or stopping allowing reading time to become more enjoyable for everyone.


Each time your child reads or hears a book read to them, they learn more about the story itself. It allows the child to dive deeper in to the story's meaning, preparing them for more complex narratives down the road.

Confidence Building

With fluency and comprehension comes greater reading confidence. Children who can follow a story and don't stumble over words are more self-assured about their abilities and more likely to enjoy reading.

Rereading Books to your Children


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