Verifier Notes

March 9, 2015

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Verifier Question in Email

Is it okay to approve items submitted as an attachment?

Yes, if you are able to open the attachment. Participants are not prompted to upload items as an attachment. If the participant does upload items and you can open them, it is okay to verify. The capstone must have all the requirements regardless of submission method to be approved.

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Things to Remember as you are verifying...

Consistency is key! Please be sure you are verifying capstones and providing personalized feedback. Teacher Quality is looking for feedback that clearly communicates to the participant that the verifier has carefully reviewed the work. Here are some tips for personalizing feedback.

- Comment on the artifacts specifically.

"I found your discussion of feedback tools particularly insightful. The audio tool Vocaroo is an effective and user-friendly tool for both instructors and students alike."

- Select quotes from the blog to include in your feedback.

Jane's comment on discussions was particularly insightful: "..."

- Highlight the participants strengths or interests that you glean from their posts.

"Your outstanding reflection on the use of screen capture tools suggests that you are comfortable using this essential tool to improve student success."

* It's okay to have stock responses ready but do expound by adding personalized notes within your prepared commentary.

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Lisa's Participate capstones is clear and informative. She includes personalized commentary for each blog posting she reviewed. Her feedback informs the participant of strengths and weaknesses within the postings. Lisa's format of listing each blog is noteworthy. Lisa closes the feedback with a friendly, encouraging note. Great job Lisa!
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Verifier's Meeting

Verifiers, please mark your calendars. We will have an opportunity to get together at the PLS. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Sharon and Joyce