Tablets in the Classroom

Getting started tips and tricks

Asus MeMO Tablets

The Asus MeMO is an Android tablet modeled after the Google Nexus. It has a front facing camera, two web browsers, and some basic productivity apps that come already installed.


  • Power on/off
  • Sleep Mode
  • Volume buttons
  • Home button
  • "Stacks" - switch between apps or swipe off to close
  • Tools at tips of your fingers: Calculator, Countdown/Timer
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Google Search

Swipe up to quickly search a topic.

Lead a student-guided search.

Students can work with a partner or table group to quickly create a web of background knowledge and share -out.

Padlet - a fun and easy way for students to collaborate and share their learning using drawings, images, video, and audio recordings

Try it out!

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File Storage

Files save in My Storage:

  • My Painter
  • Asus SuperNote Lite
  • Sticky Note

Google Docs

Collaborate on documents

Create forms for students to gather information

Use generic gmail account to send files from the tablet to your email