By: Alberto Bermudez


Life was easier back in 1788 because instead of having to kill thief's and assassins

you just had to put them on a sentence of death and they'll put the thief's head in between the Guillotine and chop there heads off.

April 25 1792

On April 25 1792 the first man to die under the guillotine's new metal blade was a thief and a assassin named Nicolas Jacques Pelletier who stole.


The new metal guillotine kills faster then the wooden guillotine because the wooden one takes two try's to chop a thief's and a assassin head off. And the new metal one is faster and way cleaner.

King Louie the 16th

King Louie the 16th abolished the wheel through out France and carried out the execution of a man by break on a wheel.

18, 19, 20th century

Back in the 18, 19 and 20th century the guillotine was used and managed to kill over ten thousands people in over 200 years. The guillotine was the best way to get rid of all the assassins and thief's who roamed the streets and it was the cleanest