Patriot Update

October 11, 2015

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Thank you!!!

Where to begin...there are so many instances of true devotion and commitment to kids that happen each day on this campus! I am so touched by the way selflessness is reflected in quiet ways in support of our kids and each other. Thank you for opening your room to kids before/after school to tutor or let them use your computers; for seeing beyond the behavior to the child's need; for celebrating kids, spending lunch with them to build bonds, and dreaming up ways to build confidence in them. Thank you for knowing the importance of crossing kids at the corner, greeting families with a smile, and serving with a happy heart and sincere joy. I love that you live education as a work of the heart rather than a job, embrace your commitment not as dictated by the clock but by the work, and continue to show up for kids even when you are bone tired, overwhelmed, and running on reserves. I'm honored to work with people who epitomize the heart and soul of education!

Inspirational ABC's for Educators...

Dave and Shelley Burgess

E is for elastic

Let's s-t-r-e-t-c-h our thinking and empower students to become creators and not just consumers of information. Can they design it, write it, draw it, sculpt it, build it, tweet it, blog it, post it, rap it, sing it, video it, or act it out? Be flexible enough to allow student choice and student voice.

New Display Case Theme...Teacher's Colleges and/or favorite sports

Let's get those cases switched over to the new theme

Total Participation Techniques

One Liner Wall

A One Liner Wall is a way to highlight student statements. It is composed of selected students’ statements from their writings. The selected sentences are either copied onto sentence strips and affixed to a designated wall or several sentences can be copied onto a piece of chart paper that captures a certain theme. Each line is accompanied with a byline that identifies the student who wrote it. The author, Keely Potter says, “I love to find the one-liners and pull them out and highlight them on the One-Liner Wall, because they lead you to a theme. Where is the theme leading us? The One-Liner Wall allows you to bring it to a shared experience.”

Potter uses the one-liners as formative assessments by using them to guide students to more symbolic thinking. According to Potter,

It allows the students to see each other’s work, to talk about it, so that if they don’t have the ideas in their own heads, they’re getting if from each other. Capturing these kinds of ideas and putting these up in the form of one-liners becomes a scaffold for the others at the same time...For example, here’s a student whose writing is really structured. She’s not where everyone else is. She’s in the literal. So I pulled out select phrases that should be validated. You could differentiate for this student who hasn’t developed complete thoughts, by selecting words and phrases that should be validated., that model the symbolism even briefly. What it does is, it encourages her to do more of it…

The One-Liner Wall evolved from Potter’s experience in an urban setting in a school with a high percentage of students with diverse learning and linguistic needs. “With those that could not produce a complete work, it was wonderful to find pieces of their work and validate their journey...It was like the wall where everybody was welcome.”

Heart at Work!

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

  • La'Toya Haley-Hanes, you've got heart! La'Toya shared her growth mindset lessons and ideas. Because of her, my class loves pushing themselves to do more. They have thanked me for showing them the power of growth mindset and I am grateful to La'Toya for showing it to me!
  • Amy Morgan, you've got heart! I had several questions about using the new ISIP program. Amy took some time to show and explain several things. She was very patient and although I bet she had explained the same steps many times before, she made me feel valid. I appreciated all of her help!
  • Amy Lassen, you've got heart! Amy is very caring and supporting! I have been having foot problems and Amy loaned me a pair of her Vionic shoes. She even painted my toenails so I wouldn't be embarrassed! What a fabulous person, teammate, and friend! Thank you for caring so much!
  • Kinder team, you've got heart! The kindergarten team has suppoted me from the moment they knew I was moving to the team. Each one has asked what I need to help support my class or if I needed anything - or just listened to me vent. It is such a blessing to come to work and know that I can rely on each and every teammate! Thank you Amy Lassen, Megan Shaffer, Leslie Smith, Cassie Sullivan, and Allison Rhodes!

Thank you for serving our campus with your whole heart!

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