I think Athens had a good government. Athens had a democracy witch was a type of government where people made there own decisions. In the democracy they had a assembly, the assembly makes the laws and is only made up of free male's that are at least 18 years old. Athens also had a council of 500 they had to propose the laws that the assembly voted on. To be in the council of 500 there is a rule that you have to win the lottery. The finial thing that Athens had in there democracy was the generals, the generals command the army and the navy. They also were the judges in the court.


I think Sparta had a good government. In their government they had an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a system of government where there was more than one ruler. They also had an Assembly. To be in the assembly you had to at least 30 years old. The Assembly voted on the laws and the laws became official. They also had a council of elders. The council of elders was made up of 30 men were at least 60 years old. They wrote the laws an prepared them to be voted on by the assembly. The final thing their government had were the ephors. The ephors have a great deal of power because they watched over the kings there were also only 5 ephors.