Carolina Pearls April Newsletter

Totes, Jewelry Rolls, Travel Cases, Candles & More Fabulous Jewelry!

I saw a posting on Facebook this weekend and it shocked me, I am glad to mention the posting was not from anyone on our team. There was a stylist complaining about us having all these new products and she wanted to only sell jewelry. Just so everyone knows the direction that Stella & Dot has always been focused on reaching has been a premiere accessory company. Remember when Amazon got started and you could only buy a few types of products now it is known for its broad array of selections.

By having more items to style with, this gives us a way to appeal to a bigger audience. I cannot wait until I have that guest that comes to a party and tells me she does not wear jewelry! "Great,,,,we have other items besides jewelry that you will fall in love with!"

Spring is here and finally the weather is getting warmer! Let's have a fabulous April and start the momentum for the summer. We have the sponsoring special that ends the last day of April, there is no reason why we should not be able to sign up that person that has been on the fence.

All stylists sample ordering will begin on April 5th! Post on your facebook page that the new summer line has arrived and you would love to help hostesses earn these totes for free. Reach out to past customers from the last 2 months and tell them we have new products and encourage them this is a great time to host because they will be the debut hostesses for the summer line.

Happy Selling and Sponsoring!!!

The Fabulous "22" in Sales!

Stylists that earned the 5% Bonus

***1. Laura Reynolds $6,613.05 *** Star
2. Kelli Stanley $5,108.40 Lead Stylist
3. Jennifer Holleran $4,436.00
4. Lauren Whitfield $4,140.00
5. Kristan Whitman $4,008.89
6. Mandy Owens $3,370.84
7. Dana Sellers $2,313.00 Director

Stylists that got qualified
8. Katie Hinely $1,296.50
9. Claire Foster $1,292.00
10. Amy Zimmer $1,275.00 Lead Stylist
11. Heather Diliberto $1,186.50
12. Mindy Forlenza $1,022.62 Lead Stylist
13. Lauren Skelton $919.00
14. Chrissy Colburn $899.00 Senior Stylist
15. Jillian Holmes $752.00 Lead Stylist
16. Heather Stepp $700.00 Lead Stylist
17. Bonnie Wallace $678.00
18. Cindy Epps $670.00 Lead Stylist
19, Meredith Hodges $661.10
20, Mary Jane Postiglione $579.00 Lead Stylist
21. Heather Myers $500 Lead Stylist
21. Kim Mosley $500

Look who promoted this month!

Heather Stepp: Lead Stylist
Kelli Stanley: Lead Stylist

Top in Sponsoring

Heather Stepp: 1
Kelli Stanley: 1

Our Newest Pearls!

Kim Mosely

Terry Stanley with Kelli Stanley (The Pearls now have a husband/wife duo and our first male!)