ACT Testing Strageties

pay attention

There are various strategys to taking the ACT





General Strategys

-Annotating is a strategy used to get the main information from a passage you're reading

-Guessing strategy is used to pick the best possible answer

-Elimination is a strategy used to eliminate the choices that are least plausible for the answer

English Strategys

-Skim the entire passage before you proceed to answer the questions

-If you don't know the answer, than choose the most accurate option

-Look at all the possibilities before proceeding

Math strategys

-Use your calculator wisely

-Avoid partial answers

-If you don't know a question, move on

Science Strategys

-Read the whole passage

-Base your answers on the passage

-Answer questions by playing a matching game

Reading Strategys

-Always annotate

-Re-read the passage after reading the question

-Make sense of reading