Going against the pope

Cody Jones

The pope and his taxes!

I do not believe that paying the church will forgive our sins. I believe that true salvation does not mean participating in these strange rituals we do today. I also don't like the way that these power hungry popes keep abusing their power, what are they doing with the money? They are doing absolutely nothing important with the money. They use our money we pay them to be jewelry and all of the sort. Come to my teaching's I am holding one in the town square at 2:30 pm on the 23 of october this year of 1526.

The worst thing


The worst thing is that the pope thinks it is okay that he abuses his power. We need to do something about this tyrant. We need to stand up and revolt we should not have to pay taxes to someone who is not going to use the money correctly. We should all come to my teaching this week at 2:30 pm the same place last week on october 29 this year of 1526.