Ming Dynasty


Learn about the politics of the Ming dynasty

Zhu Yuanzang

  • Founder of the Ming dynasty
  • Used to be a pheasant
  • Volunteered to rebel against the Mongols
  • Did not trust people
  • Proclaimed himself to be the Emporer HongWu
  • HongWu means “Vast Magnificent Military"

Expanding/Unifying China

  • Emperor HongWu moved the capital to Peking (Beijing, China)
  • He built a new imperial palace known as the Forbidden City
  • The Song dynasty improves trading ships, which allowed the Ming dynasty to travel further by ship
  • This spread the philosophy of Wang Yang-Ming which encouraged the sharing of ideas

Some of our Emporers (In order)

The Decline of the Ming Dynasty

  • High taxes left pheasants poor and unable to care for their families
  • Many local governments were corrupt and collected taxes for themselves
  • Leaders did not pay for their own taxes
  • The pheasants started to rebel and the Manchus and Japanese threatened the Ming Dynasty