April 16, 2020

Culture. Relationships. Future Ready

Good Afternoon Parents, Students and Staff,

I hope this update finds everyone healthy and safe. Just know that I miss seeing our entire Stayton Intermediate/Middle School community on a daily basis. I have had the opportunity to say hello to a few students and parents as they are picking up packets or chromebooks. It has made my day to see families.

Mrs. Nau is going to share some links to some picture books I have been reading, videotaping and sending to our teachers. Some of the teachers are attaching them to their google classrooms for their students. Please feel free to share the videos with other children you may have at home. I am doing this because it helps me feel better connected to the kids. I just want them to see that reading is fun, and that I haven’t forgotten about them.

Today is the fourth day that your students have been participating in distance learning. I have had the opportunity to go into classrooms and remotely watch as students and staff engage in activities designed to continue student growth and development towards grade level standards. I do want parents to know, as a staff we have spent a lot of time making sure our staff does two things consistently, connect with kids and keep open lines of communication with all stakeholders.

Our staff is continually focusing on our four pillars that we strive to attend to each day. We work extremely hard to make sure our school community understands that we are working to develop our next group of community leaders. We do this by designing lessons that focus on the whole child, not just the academic side. It is crucial and we as educators understand that building relationships, trust and meeting students at their levels are crucial to this distance learning being a success. Our four pillars are:

  • Relational Capacity

  • Culturally Relevant Teaching (CRT)

  • Equity

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Mrs. Nau will also share some pertinent information about office hours, deliveries of packets, pick-up and turn-in of packets, library book return, picking up belongings as well as our most recently updated SIS/SMS Staff Directory during Closure. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone if it will help relieve any concerns or answer any questions to better support your student at home. That is what we are here for.

Finally, I just want everyone to know our staff is working tirelessly to serve your students needs. I am so proud of the way my staff has rallied and come together to support each other and our families in this difficult time. Your students are blessed to have incredible professional educators in their corner. Thank you and as I stated above, don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a great rest of your week and a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Proctor


We know you are wondering about how to get your child's personal belongings or maybe their yearbook or maybe their spring pictures. You might even be a 5th grade parent wondering how you will get your field trip money back that never happened. We don't want you to think we aren't thinking about these things too. Our primary focus was getting the academics going and now we will begin processes for all of these things, so stay tuned for more information to come.

SIS teachers will be bagging up their students' belongings between now and the beginning of next week. We will then communicate a staggered pick up schedule class by class, so look for more information about this next week. You will also be able to drop off library books or teacher books at this time or during office hours at the front doors of the SMS office.

Once we have taken care of SIS students then we will work on a process for all SMS students.


The SMS office will be staffed from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every Monday through Thursday. The front doors are locked but either someone will see you or you can knock on the side door. Please call the office if you have any questions at all. All SIS and SMS questions or requests will be handled at the SMS office. Most of all remember we are here to help, so please call if you have any questions.


Every Monday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm, your student will be able to pick up their packet if they are not doing their work online or if they prefer to have both a packet and online work. This is also the day we will be making deliveries to all the students who are not able to come pick up their packet.

We will also have a crate to turn in completed homework packets as well as returning library books and even a cart of free books to take.


Registration forms for next school year were mailed out a couple weeks ago. During office hours, we will have a secure return box in the front of the SMS office to put your completed registration forms in or you can mail them to 1021 Shaff Rd, Stayton OR 97383. Remember every student who returns them by May 31 will have their name put into a drawing for a $25 gift card. There will be two winners for each building.


Chromebooks are still available for checkout if your student decides they want to do their work online or if you have recently acquired internet service. Please call the school or email Mrs. Nau at to make arrangements to pick up the chromebook.


Mr. Proctor has been recording himself reading a book each day and sharing it with our teachers. Below are the links for the last four books he has read if you have other children you think would enjoy these.