Trish's Tech Tips

Getting Organized

We all have so much to do and are pulled in so many different directions. Here are some great web-based to-do services that work on many different devices to help organized in the new year.
Todoist: A To-Do List for Life's Every Moment

The good and the bad

  • You can sign up for Todoist and start getting your life organized in less than five minutes.
  • Todoist works on many different platforms so you can use it at work, on my home computer, on my phone and tablet, etc.
  • The help feature shows you have to set recurring dates and answers other questions you might have
  • You are able to tag each item according to which part of your life it comes, personal, errands, shopping and even movies to watch.
  • There are options that are not available to you on the free version but so far the free version is a good option.
Fetchnotes: Save #Simplicity

What it's about...

  • Organize as you type--Group things together using #hashtags
  • Access anywhere--You can access this on the web, iPhone or Android device. You can also add notes using email and text.
  • Share with anyone even people who don't have the app
  • Collaboration made simple--Get a notification any time someone edits or shares a note with you

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Also, a big thank you to Amy Hertzberg for her amazing Tech Tidbits that helped me create this tech page.