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Holistic Health and the Postpartum Woman

Welcome to all birth professionals

Here at the Postpartum Adjustment Support Society (PASS) we'd like to meet up with you birth folks and network. We're holding this event in Carlsbad in hopes to meet and network with you while getting some good holistic information under our belt as well. Join us FREE at this event! Share this with other professionals that would either like to know us at PASS or who might be able to use the information presented at this event. Please RSVP at so we know how much food to bring! Please note, the location is the club house for The Bluffs condo complex.

Holistic Health and the Postpartum Woman

Saturday, May 9th, 9-11am

4042 Aidan Circle Carlsbad, Ca. 92008

Dr. Cordie and Dr. Tania Williams are experts in the field of health

and wellness, stress reduction, nutrition, personal development, and

motivation. They are both highly sought after speakers who keep

audiences attentive and entertained while feeding them life saving and

uplifting information.

Drs. Cordie and Tania Williams specialize in holistic pediatrics,

pregnancy and postpartum care. In the 7 years that both doctors have

been in the holistic health field, they have helped thousands of

people create better health. Regardless of the condition, the tenants

of health that the doctors educate their audiences with are

revolutionalry and life changing. When people have the right knowledge

about their health, it not only transforms their own life, but

dramatically affects the world around them.

Come learn the holistic approach to health for postpartum women and be

a part of transforming our community.