Southampton Library News

September 2015

From Chrissy's desk

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for being so welcoming to me (especially after I instigated the electronic computer lab calendar -- eek!!). From what I hear, the sign-ups for labs are going smoothly. If that's not the case, please let me know. I'm happy to assist.

As you are reading this, the library schedule is in full swing with orientation classes. Since I'm new to the building, I'm starting from scratch with our students. During the first round of lessons, we're discussing basic library procedures and expectations. By the end of September, I expect to have taught every student in the building for at least one class period. If you happen to walk through the library during one of the orientation lessons, feel free to stay for a few moments to listen!

Ben Carson Reading Room

This week, every teacher will get two laminated Ben Carson Reading Room passes. We want to see more traffic in the Reading Room, so please use these as incentives for your students!

We also want this room to be useful. If a student falls in love with a book, we'd like him/her to be able to borrow it! To that end, if the library doesn't have the book but the Reading Room does, we want them to sign it out. In the next few weeks, you'll see a sign out sheet in the room for just that purpose.

Finally, we want this room to reflect the creative efforts of our kids! Poetry, artwork, and other student-generated media are encouraged! If you've got a cool project that might make a thought-provoking display, let us know. Let's showcase what our students can do!

Did you know...

...that there's a countywide library curriculum? The days of teaching the Dewey Decimal System and canned lessons on databases are gone. Instead of teaching about resources, we try to teach through resources.

The HCPS Library Curriculum encompasses five units across all grade levels: Orientation, OPAC (the library catalog), Academic Integrity, Research, and Literature Appreciation. The 8th grade curriculum also dips into Digital Citizenship. Many of the lessons are implemented through LA classes, but that won't work for all of them. I need as many content areas as possible! December would be a great time to book a collaborative research project. Send me an e-mail and let's figure something out!

Streaming Cable Television

It appears that our cable television service isn't working properly. We've placed a work order to have it addressed and I'll let you know when it's up and running again. The good news is that you can still request to have videos/DVDs streamed to your rooms. See Howard or Pam with your requests.

Need Professional Reference Materials?

You can borrow these from our countywide Center for Instructional Media (CIM)! You can access their collection through Alexandria, our school's library catalog. (Tip: In the S: drive, find the Teacher Shortcuts folder, and drag those icons to your desktop for easy access.) To place a request from the CIM, your user name is the same as your HCPS user name. Your password is your employee ID#. See me if you need help or if you want me to walk you through an item request.

Mark your calendar! Barnes and Noble's Teacher Discount Days are coming!

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 10am

620 Marketplace Drive

Bel Air, MD

Bring your teacher ID to the Bel Air Barnes and Noble from Oct 10-13 to receive discounts on personal and classroom materials!