Digital Citizenship

What's Your Digital Footprint?

Leaving Your Mark

With the increase in technology, more and more people are relying on the internet as a go-to resource for pretty much everything! This website: gives more insight to what exactly digital citizenship is and how important it is for teacher, parents, and students to leave a positive digital footprint on the internet. It's never too late to start changing your image to portray yourself in an appropriate way on the internet.
What is Digital Citizenship?

What is Digital Citizenship?

This video gives a little more insight to what exactly digital citizenship is. Check it out!
Your digital footprint

YOUR Digital Footprint

This video highlights on the importance of how your digital footprint impacts you personally--whether you are doing the adding of pictures or posts of yourself or not! Friends can easily impact your digital footprint as well!

Why Should You (as a student) Care?

So now the question is, why should you care about your digital footprint? First off, think about this question: How many social media sites are you apart of (FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)? Are there things on there that you wouldn't want your parents to see? Look at this article and take a look at how IMPORTANT your social media image is towards your reputation

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

This link: gives nine elements to what the term "digital citizenship" entails. Become aware of everything that goes into digital citizenship so that you can start shaping how others with perceive your digital footprint!

Never Too Late to Change!

Don't stress! It's never too late to change your digital footprint! Start now by reading this link-- Take control of your digital footprint. You never know who's watching you!