February Newsletter

Bower's Blessings

January Sales

The weather outside was frightful and our sales were down....but it was to be expected!

TEAM SALES: $3,326.50

Total Parties: 7

Top Sales: Marilyn $905

Chad $756.50

Laura: $732.50

Cathy: $602.50

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Need to "ENERGIZE" your business?????

Please use ALL of the amazing resources that Thirty One gives us!!! Log onto TOT and click on Training! There are tons of resources, videos, calls, that will help you get that boost you need!!! We are all in a winter slump!!!!

Just take 15 minutes for YOUR business TODAY!!!

You will be AMAZED at what a short amount of time will do for it!!!!

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I would like EVERYONE to really think about attending conference! It's in Ohio this year which makes it more doable for a lot of people! Honestly by attending Conference my business DOUBLED the next year!!!! The information you gather and the energy you get it amazing!!!! Let me know if you "plan" on coming.....so we can start thinking of carpooling/room situations!!!!!


I have added ALL of you to our team FB page....some of you need to "accept" the invite! PLEASE DO!!! This is a great way for us to communicate!

Our Team Page is "Laura's Team Members ONLY" https://www.facebook.com/groups/170132456469213/

Then our Large Team is 31 Gals---this is EVERYONE on our entire line https://www.facebook.com/groups/228021653907909/