Class of 2018

Explanation of Class Dues

Why pay class dues?

During your senior year, you'll be participating in class day and class night. Your graduating class will also donate a gift to THS to commemorate your time here and improve the school in some way. These expenses, along with your cap and gown, are paid for from a variety of sources, including class dues.

Cost Breakdown

It's really one cost, but you pay for it in installments. The expenses are broken down into annual installments, which are collected during one week each fall. This year, class dues will be collected in the Library during lunch October 27th-31st.

Freshmen year: $25.00

Sophomore year: $25.00

Junior year: $25.00

Senior year: $30.00

There is a $5.00 late charge added to any payment that is not made during collection week. If you and your family prefer, the total amount ($105.00) may be paid during freshmen collection, or the entire remaining balance may be paid during either of the next two years.

If you have any questions or concerns, see Mrs. Grendzinski or Miss Fontaine.

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