Desertification in Djibouti

By:Nannette McBurney

The Problem

Desertification is converting productive land into desert. Desertification causes the land to be dry and hard so therefore no farming will be ablke to be done. Because of no farming there will be no crops which result into starvation and malnutrition. And soon after that, death.

The Causes and Effects

Desertification is usually caused by overgrazing, overcultivation, deforestation, overirrigation, and human mismanagement.

The effects are usually on humans (i.e. lack of food/nutrients because of the incapability of farming because of hard, dry ground.) The effects on animals are the same as on humans because there isn't any food for them to eat.

The Solution

We will do our best to raise enough money to fly overseas with a few volunteers and plant many useful crops. We will also bring the families in Djibouti clean water to drink and water their crops with.

The Funding

We will hold many fund raising events for example bake sales and festivals. We will also put out ads asking for donations and volunteers.