Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

May 16, 2014

What's up in the classroom?

Math- All of the classes have wrapped up geometry and are moving onto other things. I am doing word problem review and probability.

Science- We are still working on motion. Please remind your child to study his/her notes. I'm planning to do the test on the 23rd.

Language Arts- Greek and Latin roots is the focus. Students are learning to use the roots to figure out unfamiliar words for meaning.

Writing- We are getting there with the 4th grade memories. Students are still working but will be done by next Thursday.

Spelling- We took our 2nd "No excuse" spelling test yesterday. Students will need to continue to check the planner for their nightly assignment regarding the words they got wrong.

Social Studies - We will be learning about the different eras in Wisconsin history. Territory and Statehood, Industrial, Lumbering, Mining, Farming, Information and Fur Trading will be the top 7 eras studied.

Upcoming Events for the week of May 19-23

May 20 - MAP reading test at 10:00

May 21 - Robotics with Mrs. Karl/Running Records with Mrs. Faccio

May 22 - MAP math test at 10:00