Two Runaway Slaves

Sal and Curzon have been missing for a week

Sal Lockton was a slave owned by Anne and Elihu Lockton. She has been a trouble maker since she first arrived. She became increasingly unruly when she thought her younger sister was sold. She yelled at Mrs. Lockton and tried to run away. For her punishment she was branded with the letter "I". Curzon Bellingham was owned by the Bellingham's. He had been fighting for the rebels and had been placed in the town jail. Sal had been frequenting the jail and feeding Curzon and other rebel soldiers. When Mrs. Lockton found out she was furious. She told Sal to stop but once again Sal disobeyed. She was caught delivering messages to rebel soldiers. Mrs. Lockton thought she needed to be punished and put her in a potato bin, and went out for the night. When she returned she found Sal had broken out of the bin and left. It is thought that she stole various items from the Lockton household. It is also believed that she helped Curzon escape. She went to the jail to clean, and managed to sneak him out. It is also thought that they might be headed to Charleston. Sal's younger sister has been shipped there.


There will be a reward provided for anyone who can bring these slaves back. We want them alive so we can punish them ourselves. The reward will be fifty coins for each slave. But if both are returned at the same time we would give one-hundred fifty coins. They need to be brought back to New York.