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Civil Court Cases Explained:

Civil Court Cases a person files a complaint. This individual is also known the plaintiff. The person who is being sued is the defendant. The defendant is required to come to court through a summons.

At the court, the pleadings are heard. This is when the complaint and the answer is heard all together for the judge to help both sides. The pre-trial conference then takes place, where the judge may make both sides to clarify any differences to prepare for the trial. Sometimes, a mediation is necessary - this is when someone helps the plaintiff and defendant reach an agreement.

An arbitration is when a third party listens to the plaintiff and defendant to review the case to make a final decision for both parties. Whatever side has the greater weight of evidence, or preponderance of evidence, helps the judge decide who he is in favor of. The next phase is the trial phase - this is when a settlement has not been achieved. A judge and a jury then decide the verdict.


If someone is not happy with how their civil court case went, they have the right to appeal the decision!

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