Flower Power Twirling Contest

Sunday, April 3rd in Rahway, NJ

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Deadline March 12th!

We invite you to come compete at a very special contest. The Flower Power Twirling Competition encourages twirlers from across our area to come together and compete in an open contest that welcomes participants from all twirling organizations!

Remember, good twirling is good twirling--the rules for this contest are wide open!

Flower Power Open Twirling Contest

Sunday, April 3rd, 8am

275 East Milton Avenue

Rahway, NJ

Join us in our beautiful facility! High Ceilings! Practice Gym!

Deadline: Saturday, March 12th!

General Information

*Doors Open: 8:15 AM

*Contest Starts: 9:00 AM with teams, showtwirls, and freestyle

*Other events start after 11:00 AM

*Your Competitive Age is your age on the day of the contest.

*Competitive Level (novice, beginner, intermediate, advance) is the same as your home organization.

*Time Limits are waived in open events. Penalties for drops/breaks only. Gymnastics allowed.

*Judges' decisions are final.

*Contest directors and recreation department are not responsible for accidents, property loss, or injury.

*No flash picture-taking, eating, or drinking will be allowed in the gym.

Click here for Event Descriptions!

*Solo*Two Baton*Three Baton*Basic strut*Military Strut*Parade Strut*Presentation* Baby Model/Strut/Presentation/Pageant*All Star*Costume Modeling*NJTA Modeling Performance/X Strut*Freestyle*Show Twirl*Duet*Trio Dancetwirl Pairs* Dancetwirl Trios

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Choose 2022 Flower Power Twirling Competition to register. Deadline is Saturday, March 12th! No Late Entries.

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Deadline is Saturday, March 12th!

Hosted by The Debutantes and Knights Twirl Teams