William Henry Harrison

Hunter Reichhoff

Information About this Dude

  • His full name (as stated above), is William Henry Harrison.
  • He was in a third political party known as the Whig party.
  • He was the 9th president of the United States.
  • Zero years in office, he actually had the shortest term of the presidents, exactly one month.
  • His vice president's name was John Tyler

Background information

  1. Born at Berkeley in 1973.
  2. Went to Hampden-Sydney and studied the classics and history, shortly after studied medicine in Richmond.
  3. The same year he was in his schooling, he found a different interest, and went on to be in the army, where he would spend most of his life.
  4. Was the first president to die in office, from a cold he caught that went on to be a serious case of phenomena.
  5. Following his death, was the end of the Whig party.

Why He Qualified to Be President of the United States

  1. He spent the majority of his life in the army.
  2. He had a political history, being the governor of some Indian territories, a member of the house of representatives, served in the Ohio senate, and also a U.S Senator.
  3. Can't think of a third one, but those 2 above are pretty good by themselves I think anyways.

Presidential Term

1. According to every source I've tried to look on, the only accomplishments he made, was that he became president, and that he died in office. However, he actually had a whole lot of achievements during his time in the army.
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