Dazzler Team News

September 2015


Oh Woweeee, what an amazing team you are . I am over the moon excited, motivated and deliriously happy for your constant happiness and your joy which you shared with 64 new gals in August. So firstly welcome to all our sparkly new team stylists. I hope you know how much we adore having you in our team and how much we all want to wish you every possible sparkly moment of success as we hit the manic autumn season. Hold onto your hats gals you ain't seen nothing yet!!!! The weekly Buzz has just been emailed and in it the very first of the company incentives for the autumn with Autum Abundance. In short irrespective of whether you are still in Jumpstart we can all earn product credits for the new winter collection. So how?

Well 4000PQV gets you £60.00 or E75

4 x qualified shows gets you £60.00 or E75

2 new stylists gets you £60.00 or E75


when you push the boat out and reach 5000PQV and Jump Start qualify one of those two new stylists you get a MINI iPAD !!!!!!

So i know what I'm going for ... how about you

Everyone can hold 4 qualified shows this month and so don't miss out on a minimum of free jewellery credits.

We had a super month with Elise H-H way up at 4th in UK sales and Sharon Riley at 24th

Also we had the very lovely Kendall Platt promote to Associate Stylist. Lots of Dazzlers in the top sponsoring numbers with Elise at 9th in the whole world!!!!!!!! Awesome work gals this is off the scale fab.

I must also send a special message to the Dazzlers who will be representing us at Glam in February 2016. Along with John and me we have the amazing Sarah Jacobs who has also earned an extra night for being a Style Council Elite member... go you, plus Elise H-H will be there for her 3rd Glam in a row and pulling every stop out of the bag and pulling in over 10,000 points in august alone os the very determined Siobhan Walsh. What am amazing effort and it will be worth it xoxoxox

So onward and upwards and now to make the most of the AUTUMN

Dazzler Leader Led Training

how to book in

Starting on Monday 7th September there will be a 6 weeks programme of training calls for every level which are being run by your Dazzler Leadership Team. The calls are for 15-20

mins and start at 8pm

These are the numbers to dial. The numbers are charged as local numbers so essentially free if you have free local calls from your provider

UK 02034558277

Ireland 0212439394

There will be a specific code for each group but the leader will give you that information via the whats app when you register

One for all Stylists who want to promote to Associate Stylist.

One for Associate Stylists who want to promote to Senior Stylists

One for Senior Stylists who want to be Stars

So this is what you do

1. You text the leader whose call you wish to register for with your name and mobile number

2. They will add you to the Whats App group they are creating

3. You watch out for any further inform via that Whats App group and the Dazzler fb page

For Group One, Stylist to Associate Stylist text Bernie on 07788 262625

For Group Two Associate Stylist to Senior Stylist text Beth on 07949861148

For Group Three Senior Stylist to Star text Fiona on 07940808269

It is Up to YOU to self select yourselves to join one of these groups, no one can choose your happiness only you and you need to commit to listening into the calls for just the 15 minutes or so and then taking the action. There is no reason why even from you being a stylist with NO one in you're team today you couldn't promote to Star in October or November at the latest . Good luck to you all

and remember you have to be in it to win it

Re Entree information

As you know there's a tonne of Re Entree meetings taking place in the next week or so all over the country and you can attend one near you. Look at the Events page BUT if you want a Dazzler one then look out for Leeds, Bristol, Westerham and Basingstoke this weekend

I've put a link to the Basingstoke one for you to register today if you haven't already. You need to be there.

I am hosting a New Stylist Training call tonight ( please see post on Dazzles FB page. The next call will be Monday 21st September.

Also there will be an all Stylist meet up in Lyndhurst on 30th September