Describe the animal ?

  1. The Lion is a big, powerful cat. It is probably the most famous member of the cat family. People are frightened by the lion's thundering roar and impressed by its strength and royal appearance.

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How it is born?

  1. Lions can live in cool climates and in the intense heat of semi desert areas. They do not like to live in thick forests. Most of them live in woodlands, grassy plains, and areas with thorny scrub trees.

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What does it eat?

  1. They prefer large prey—zebra, various kinds of antelope, buffalo, and warthog. But they will also eat fish, turtles, guineafowl—anything they can catch. They eat animals that have died from disease, and even take prey from cheetahs and hyenas.

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Where does it live?

  1. Lions do not allow strange animals to hunt in their territory. They warn intruders to stay away by roaring or by squirting a mixture of scent and urine on bushes. The strangers then know that the territory is occupied. If they ignore the warnings, they may be killed.

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who is the author?

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