Digital Citizenship

Trace Gordanier

Relationship Communication Problems : Relationship Communication Problems: Stress

Pros & Cons

You may get to meet really good friends. Not all are bad.

You might lose some valuable info. You could really effect your life by giving any information out that you weren't suppose to.

Image/Double standard

Different set of rules for a different set of people.

Online Identity

Make sure you don't give out any information to a stranger or someone you just met because they might steal your identity or something that serious.

Online Identity

Your Online Identity

Digital Footprint video

NetSafety Blog: Digital Footprints

Digital Footprint

I learned to not give any information out to someone you don't know. Don't post anything that should not be posted or that you didn't want someone to see

Digital Footprint (cont.)

Make sure you know as much information as possible about someone you are about to hire, accept to college, or even befriend

Make sure you post the right things on the Internet


Any colleges, business, or just anyone can find information on what you have posted in on facebook or any social networking even if it was a long time ago.